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Animals First Foundation of Texas

Foster and Volunteer

FOSTERING: If you are within the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex and would like to be a part of something extremely rewarding and lifesaving, please click HERE to complete a foster application.

We would love to be able to grow and help more dogs in need and fosters are the key. Fosters must live within the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex and complete an application and home visit to help ensure that we can properly support you and the foster pet. If you are new to fostering, the purpose of a home visit is simply to help identify and prevent any possible issues (typically fence problems, where will the dog eat, sleep, eliminate) and be sure the introduction to the home will go smoothly. It also enables other family members to ask lots of questions and gives us a chance to meet your existing pets and offer suggestions to make your fostering experience as rewarding as possible.

Fostering allows you to save the life a homeless pet without having to worry about the medical expense, screening, placement, and future support.

FOSTERS offer a loving, safe place for the foster dog, socialization, toys, treats, and a ride to Meet & Greets, adoption events, and to the occasional vet visit.

AFFT provides medical care, crate, and networking on adoption portals, training assistance, answering adoption inquiries, setting up vet appointments and organizing events to give the rescue pets exposure in the community.

Don't worry, you'll never be left on your own. We are always available to help in any way that we can at any time with questions, concerns, tips, etc. that you need. We don’t just want to take the best care possible of our rescue pets, we want to take the best care possible of our fosters as well!

Volunteers and foster homes are always in need to help us build a no-kill community. No matter what your talent or how much time you have, there is something valuable you can do that helps make a difference and save lives. If you can't foster, please consider donating!

Saving one animal will not change the world.

But for that one animal, the world changes forever.