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Animals First Foundation of Texas

Our Board of Directors

Not just your average animal lovers turned rescuers, AFFT's Directors are also very experienced in many fields covering animal behavior, medical care, diseases, obedience, and a multitude of other aspects of animal/pet care. Our array of experience and different talents are united with our common love and understanding of animals, and with your help we forsee wonderful things for the future of AFFT and animals in need in our community.

Our current Board is:

~ Christy Wilson

~ Natalie Croy

~ Dawn Ladny

We are very thankful for the ongoing support of our donors, volunteers, foster team and cross-posters because they are the heart and soul of what we are and why we can give these pets the opportunity they deserve for a happy, healthy long life as a cherished family member. It truly takes a team to save lives and we are grateful for each of you for putting animals first! -Your AFFT Directors

Christy Wilson

Christy has been active as a shelter and rescue volunteer for nearly 15 years and enjoys continuing to learn about animal behavior and positive training methods. She founded this organization to help those who would otherwise be forgotten and help make life better for as many animals as possible. She's not only a mom to her own large pack, but a foster mom to many and helps others with transporting, training, and obtaining resources.

Natalie Croy

Natalie has lovingly cared for more than 50+ fosters over the past few years and her soft spot is for the boxer/shepherd breeds, especially those that are meek and scared. She's great at making everyone feel welcomed and loved. If there is a scared one out there, we're sure Natalie will have them snuggling on her lap in no time.

Dawn Ladny

Dawn has always been an advocate of the "underdog"; be it an animal, a special needs child or a child in school who was being picked on. She is a "rescuer of all" by nature. She has had animals her entire life and currently has a large pack of her own, plus fosters. Her favorite fosters are new mamas with their litters. She is a lover of big, furry dogs, as well as black dogs, which are usually the last to be chosen for adoption in the shelter environment. She enjoys fostering, but also enjoys research, problem-solving, fundraising, advertising and networking of animals. Dawn is our newest board member and she looks forward to bringing fresh ideas and to helping AFFT in any way that she can.

Saving one animal will not change the world.

But for that one animal, the world changes forever.